COVID-19 -- Precautions We're Taking

We are committed to reducing the spread of COVID-19 by taking precautions during in-person estimates to keep us all safe. Below is an outline of our changes.

What We’re Changing

Normally, when we estimate an exterior project upon arriving at a customer’s home we like to come inside, sit down, and discuss project specifics with the homeowner(s).  After that, we do a walkaround with the customers to make sure we have the scope of work 100% dialed in.  We take our measurements, write up the estimate, and lastly come back inside and sit down again to go through the estimate and make sure it includes everything that it’s supposed to.

Until further notice, we’ll no longer come inside customers homes for exterior estimates.  Our initial Q&A will be completed outside on the front porch or in the driveway before doing our walkaround with you.

For interior estimate requests, we will discuss project specifics outside on the front porch or in the driveway before coming inside to take our measurements of the rooms you want painted. Your estimator will be wearing a mask and we ask that you wear a mask as well to keep the risk low for us all. We also have the capability to provide an estimate based on drawings (even if they are crude) like we do on all commercial projects we estimate.  Together, we can figure out a way to mitigate COVID-19 risk and provide you with what you need.

We’ll also change how we conclude our estimates.  We provide potential customers with a bid package.  It includes a folder containing information on our company, products we use, processes we follow, our Certificate of Insurance for your records, and the written estimate for the project.  Going forward, we’ll provide all this electronically.  A link to our client folder is provided below and will be sent to customers with scheduled estimates via email for their review instead of provided hard copy at the time of the estimate.  We will write up our cost estimate on paper, then take a picture of it and text it directly to you so that our estimator and you can review it on your phones or tablets together.

If you Choose to Work With Us

If you choose to hire us to paint your project our PM will coordinate with you about our plan so that you are well informed of our painting activities.

For exterior projects, we do not need access to the inside of your home.  Our activities are contained to the exterior of your home only and no direct contact is needed.

For interior projects, your PM will work with you to set a plan that makes you feel comfortable with having painters in your home.

If you are working from home due to COVID-19 and have a question or concern about your project, rather than interacting with our crew directly please first call your PM (whose number you will have) and see if we can address your question or concern that way first.

Safety First

We are a small local business and as such we do still very much need to work and generate revenue so that we can continue to make our payroll and cover our expenses.  We also feel compelled to be responsible and not take undue risks that could possibly contribute to spreading the COVID-19 virus unnecessarily.  Providing an excellent customer experience is something we value, and therefore if you have a need or request about your project during this time of uncertainty please call our office or anyone at our company and we’ll make sure we do our best to help you address it.

Thank you for supporting your local businesses during this time and stay safe. Please contact us with any questions.


Links to documents we’d normally provide in hard copy:

Client Folder