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Shawnee is an incredibly affordable suburb just 15 minutes away from Kansas City metro area. It was once recognized as one of the best places to live in the United States, so it's no wonder why people are scurrying to relocate here. One of the first things that potential homebuyers consider is whether or not your house has been recently updated.

If you put a little money into your home, you can get a lot more out of your house once you’re ready to sell it. Our team of experienced painters in Shawnee will help you increase the value of your home with a carefully thought out color scheme that will ensure your house looks modern and appealing to potential buyers.

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We believe in an in-depth preparation process so we're properly prepared to deliver exactly what you want on budget and schedule. This means we're incredibly thorough when it comes to providing an in-person estimate and written estimates for your home, all for free.

This helps us develop a customized painting plan for your home to meet your needs. We provide you with an estimate after we do a walk-through of your home to identify issues like wood rot or dry-wall damage that needs to be repaired before painting.

We keep you updated from start, to finish. You'll receive regular updates from our house painters in Shawnee, KS as they work through your project on the way to completion. If you have a question or concern before, during, or after a project, reach out to anyone on our team and we'll gladly be there to help. The project, of course, is fully backed by a 2-year warranty so you can rest easy knowing our work is covered.

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Why Choose Us For Painting Services In Shawnee?

We’re a versatile company that offers a range of services for many different buildings. Our main services are interior painting, cabinet painting, commercial painting and exterior painting like garages, siding, and guest houses. This applies to both residential and commercial homes.

However, we also install siding, repair wood rot, and fix up damaged drywall. There’s almost nothing we don’t do to help you improve the value of your home. We want to work with you to ensure that no stone is left unturned.

Wood rot is something that happens far too often when it's something that can be entirely avoided with the proper precautions. If we detect wood rot at your home, we will ensure that we remedy the situation. We've dealt with various types of wood rot in all types of wood, so there’s nothing we can’t handle.

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Shawnee painters can provide similar paint services but what they can’t provide is the attention to detail, efficiency, high-quality products, and transparent pricing that we offer here at Great Plains Painting. 

Our house painters in Shawnee are unique because they help you throughout the entire process, even when it comes to color consultation. However, our Shawnee painters always keep your time and budget constraints in mind and we will never keep you in the dark about how long a project will take or how much it will cost. We’re well versed in color theory and industry trends as well as familiar with the quality or lack thereof of certain brands, so we can make recommendations that will liven up your home and make a great first impression on potential buyers who could see themselves living there.

Interior & Exterior Painting Services In Shawnee

Consider whether the homes around you all have interior or exterior paint that stands out from yours, or if your siding needs a fresh coat of paint. Maybe the shed in the backyard looks dingy and the paint is peeling.

Keep in mind that the exterior of your house is the first thing that guests and potential buyers see. This is likely the first and most important place you should start to invest in if you’re renovating your home to increase value.

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We make the process of getting an estimate intentionally straightforward while providing you with as much information as you could want. Call or use the button below to get in touch with our team today to schedule a free estimate.

We’ll help you match cabinets to walls, develop a color scheme, avoid paint contaminating other appliances, furniture, or walls, protect the paint from damage, and advise you on whether to use acrylic or oil-based paints and many other details that are critical to your specific project. We can also set you up with a professional color consultation via Sherwin Williams to help dial in the final choices. 

Every paint job is backed by a 2-year warranty so you can be assured if there's a problem we’ll fix it. 

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