James Hardie ColorPlus® Siding Overland Park

Last week we talked about the different designs we can achieve with the lineup of available siding styles from James Hardie. No matter what design you choose, the next thing you’ll need to think about is color. Frankly color is a daunting task for most of our homeowners. There are only about 1,000 options to choose from and most of us didn’t take color theory in school.

In addition to the actual color, we also inform our customers that not all colors we can paint perform the same. Dark blue is a popular option for the last few years. Dark blue also fades much quicker than a light beige. Generally, the darker the color, the quicker it will fade.

If you’re considering re-siding your home in Overland Park or Kansas City and you’re talking with us, we’re going to strongly recommend you consider James Hardie’s ColorPlus® siding solution.

What is ColorPlus®

Hardie siding comes in two flavors of finish. There is the raw pre-primed siding and trim. After we install this style it must be field painted.

color james hardie overland park

Hardie also make ColorPlus® siding. This option comes colored. Hardie coat the material in the factory so no field painting is required. When we install it we use a color matched caulking so there truly is no field painting required.

color james hardie overland park

Why ColorPlus®

There are a couple reasons a factory applied coating is superior to a field applied one.

  1. Conditions in a factory can be tightly controlled and made optimal for the application of a finish coating. Conditions in the field are what they are and we have to make the best of them.
  2. Once a industrial process is made and fine tuned, the finished product is consistent every time. Hardie developed ColorPlus® specifically for their siding. The two are made to go together.
  3. There is an excellent warranty. Hardie is confident enough in ColorPlus® to offer a 15 year limited warranty that covers paint & labor, protecting against peeling, cracking, and chipping. That’s the best “paint” warranty you’ll find on the market.

What Are My Color Options

There are a vast number of colors available to you straight from Hardie. This year our rep is telling us that they are able to produce 700 unique colors. This means we’ve run into a similar problem where decision fatigue may be an issue.

Hardie have grouped their most popular and most readily available colors into a collection called the Statement Collection™. This narrows the available colors to a handful to help prevent some of that decision fatigue. Hardie used designers as well as looking at popularity to build the Statement Collection™. Pretty much any popular color we’ve field painted over the last 3 years is in here, so we feel they’ve done a great job.

color james hardie overland park

If you’re in need of something more custom, take a look at the Dream Collection™. Here’s where you’ll find the full range of colors available and be able to fine tune your selection to exactly what you have in mind for your home.

If you’d like to get a rough idea of what a color could look like on your home, we can you our Hover app during your estimate to create some mock-ups. You can also check out Hardie’s color visualizer.

We’re proud of our field painting projects, and we strive to provide the highest quality longest lasting painting that is possible to our customers. But if you’re considering residing we’re going to recommend you let James Hardie do the painting in the factory. We think that they can produce a better product at the source than we can in the field, and you’ll get to take advantage of that incredibly generous warranty.

Talk to us about your options if you’re interested in James Hardie Siding and ColorPlus® technology.