James Hardie Siding Cost | Great Plains Painting

Once you’ve weighed the pros/cons of hardie siding vs other materials, settled on a design aesthetic, and have an idea about color, it’s time to figure out the cost.

Siding is a high value exterior remodeling project, which offers you a positive return on your investment. In 2019, fiber cement siding averaged over 80% in initial-cost to value return when homes were resold. James Hardie siding has a lifespan of 50 years, and comes with an outstanding transferrable, non-prorated warranty.

Associated Costs

Residing an Overland Park home is a serious exterior remodeling project which includes a few more considerations that a simple exterior repaint. The process is straightforward enough:

  • The old siding is demo’d and disposed of (typically we bring out a large slide of dumpster for waste)
  • The sheathing / sub-frame are inspected for soundness
  • The house is wrapped with James Hardie Wrap moisture barrier
  • The trim boards are installed (this happens before or after the siding depending on the type of siding)
  • The siding itself is installed (again, depending on type this may happen before the trim or after)
  • The caulking is applied

The cost for this sequence is dependent on the type of home you have and it’s size. An old, very tall brookside home will cost more than a new build suburb spec home even if they are the same size. This is due to the height and the shape of the home.

A very rough estimate of what it costs to reside a home with Hardie siding is about $1,000 per square foot of siding. Generally speaking, your home’s siding square footage will be close to the same as the floor plan square footage. So, if your home is 2,500 square feet, the siding cost will be around $25,000, before considering other factors.

Other Considerations

The upfront cost isn’t the only way to think about your exterior siding project. Consider what you get for your money while making your choice in siding products. An investment in James Hardie siding can save you money in a couple of ways:

  • Lower energy bills — generally fairly small difference but over time monthly savings can add up
  • Higher resale price — with the transferrable warranty and the upsides of Hardie, a home with Hardie Siding will be more valuable than a home with vinyl or wood siding
  • Insurance premium savings — James Hardie siding is non-combustible and hail damage resistent, meaning in can sometimes help reduce home insurance premiums. Discuss with your agent to find out if this is the case for you
  • Maintenance costs — this is probably the biggest one in our opinion. If you reside your Overland Park home with Hardie and ColorPlus® coated products, your painting maintenance goes waaaay down. Our average exterior repaint in 2020 was about $7,700, so if you save one of two repaintings that is significant.

Maintenance Requirements

Since maintenance is probably going to be your biggest cost saver if you choose to use Hardie products on your home, lets look at that more closely. Because Hardie siding won’t rot and is strong and durable rarely needing repairs or paint touchups, maintenance is simple. James Hardie recommend the following:

  • Wash your home 1x per year with a garden hose and a soft bristle brush
  • For stains, use a mild detergent. A dish soap is appropriate
  • Ensure lawn sprinkler aren’t constantly soaking your siding. This can discolor the color coating
  • If you salt your walkways in the winter, keep them away from the siding
  • A ColorPlus® touchup kit is purchaseable for nicks and scrapes
  • Check caulking for cracking. If necessary where caulking cracks cut out and replace. We like QuadMax caulking and it comes matched to many of Hardies colors

Overall Hardie siding is generally more of an upfront investment than a vinyl siding or and LP Smart siding product. However, you save on the backend in maintenance. We believe Hardie is the most durable and best-looking siding product available. If you’re interested, contact us and we can show you why!