James Hardie Siding Process - Overland Park

We’ve talked about what Jame Hardie siding is, its benefits, and costs. Often during a Hardie siding estimate Overland Park homeowners are curious how we put together a Hardie project. In this post, we’ll explain the general siding process. Every house we do is different, and we tweak the siding process to meet the demands of what we’re working on. Your home may not follow this process exactly, but this is a good general overview.

Staging and Setup

We have all the required material we need to be delivered from our supplier. Depending on schedule and logistics, the material may show up the day we start, or a few days before. Normally we stage the material on one side of your driveway near the house unless the project has specific requirements.

For the construction debris and demo of the old siding, we also need a slide off dumpster. This is generally also delivered on start day and placed in the driveway.

On start day our installers arrive and assess the project. If required, we’ll set up scaffolding to allow access to higher or harder to reach sections.

Lastly, we get a plan together for the demo.

Demo of Old Siding

After our installers are set up, they’ll begin to demo the old siding. All old siding materials go into the slide off dumpster. The demo goes quickly, taking roughly 1 to 2 days for a normal-sized home. This period is messy, but don’t worry after we complete the demo, things get clean and start to take shape.

Assess and Wrap

Now that the old siding is removed, we can assess the sheathing/framing. Normally everything is as it should be and we can get right to the next step. If there are some sections of sheathing that need to be replaced or some framing that is problematic, we will let you know about it and propose a recommended fix.

After the substructure is determined to be good for siding, we will wrap your home with a moisture barrier. This “house wrap” is a non-permeable membrane that sits between your home’s sheathing and the siding. If any water makes its way behind the siding, it will be blocked by the moisture barrier, and gravity will do its job and pull it down to the bottom of the siding where it can dry up or escape.

Install Trim and Flashing

At this point, we’re ready to begin installing some Hardie products. First up we’ll install window and door trim, corner boards, freeze boards, and any other trim. Where applicable we’ll install the appropriate flashing. Typically we install metal flashing on the tops of horizontal trim boards and behind butt joints

Install Siding

Now that all the trim is up, we can install the siding. This is where your home starts to take shape and look totally different. Normally we start on one side of the home and work our way around, finishing 1 side before moving to another.

The siding and trim installation take us the longest of all the steps. Installing the trim can take 2 or 3 days and installing the siding can take a week for a normal-sized Overland Park home.

Caulk, Touchup, and Cleanup

As we move along generally we’re caulking the applicable joints. When we finish up, we give the home another once over to make sure we’ve caulked everything that Hardie recommends. If we installed ColorPlus siding on your home after we complete the installation of siding and trim we use a Hardie touchup kit and raw edges at cuts or knicks at nail holes.

The last step in the siding process is to make sure we clean up and throw away all construction debris, load out all of our equipment, and get the dumpster company on the way to get the slide off dumpster out of your driveway.

Final Inspection

Before we leave one of our team (either install foreman or project manager) will inspect the home with you to make sure you are happy with everything. On occasion, you’ll notice something after you’ve looked at your home for a couple of weeks. If this happens call us up and we’ll come out and assess and if necessary correct the issue.

This is a general idea of how we like to put our Hardie projects together. We’re happy to accommodate our customers as best we can, so if you have specific concerns or requests, we’ll address those during your estimate to make sure that we handle them appropriately if you choose to hire us.

We love transforming homes by installing beautiful new Hardie siding. Please contact us for an estimate today!