Top 10 Commercial Office Paint Color Ideas (2023)

Even though we’ve all been taught to “not judge a book by its cover,” we all do it. First impressions matter!

To make the best possible impression for customers, employees, or prospective clients in an office setting is to choose an excellent paint color. With thousands of paint colors available, deciding what color to go with can feel overwhelming.

Most commercial office owners go with neutral hues like beige, white, or gray. These are great options, but you can choose something more fun that can add to the ambiance you’re trying to give off.

We’re here to help you learn how to choose the best paint color and then provide you with some of the best options when you hire interior or exterior painters.

How To Choose the Right Paint Color for Office Buildings

Believe it or not, there’s a science to choosing the best commercial office paint color. Neutrals are always a good idea because, well, they’re neutral.

While there’s nothing wrong with neutral hues, they can feel plain or even boring in some cases. Considering the ambiance you want to provide in the office can help you choose the best color.

Blues tend to provide peace and clarity. Yellows symbolize happiness, and people can be more productive when they are happy. Gray colors are calming and perfect for offices that might be stressful and need some calming properties.

You can use almost any color in an office, but as with most things in life, less is more. Most people avoid bright colors for this reason. Whatever color you choose, you’ll want to ensure you don’t overwhelm the space with the shade.

The Best Commercial Office Paint Colors

Now that you know the science behind picking the best commercial office paint colors, here are the top 10 commercial office paint color ideas for this year.

1. Azure Tide

Azure Tide is one of the best blue paint colors for an office interior. It’s a light paint color that is more blue gray than traditional light blue. It’s a calming color that will give office workers a sense of peace. It’s beautiful but not overpowering at all.

Since it’s not overpowering, you can get away with painting all four walls in the office with it or choose it for an accent wall. This Sherwin Williams paint color is a comforting blue that isn’t too bright.

2. Maxi Teal

Maxi Teal by Sherwin Williams is a popular office paint color similar to traditional teal that looks excellent inside commercial buildings. It’s one of the best inviting colors, which can boost productivity within an office, make visitors feel more comfortable, and boost the office’s ambiance.

Even though it’s a traditional teal hue, it is a little darker in some lighting. It’s best used on an accent wall, paired with other neutral colors like off white or beige. If you want to bring earthy tones to the office, you’ll love Mere Green.

3. Stone Fruit

You may wonder why we’re mentioning any orange hue for commercial painting but bear with us. It’s a rich color, so it’s best used only on one or maybe two office walls. It’s not overly bright and is more of a muted yet still vibrant color.

Adding pops of Stone Fruit to your office is an excellent idea for several reasons. Orange symbolizes positivity and optimism, which everyone in an office setting needs to succeed and feel more productive. It looks great with wooden furniture and neutral colors.

4. Gypsum

Gypsum is the perfect white paint to use in any office, no matter what industry. It’s a crispy white that has underlying warmth. This white paint can work with any architectural style and makes for an easy paint job.

It’s best for every wall in an office setting, but it’s even better to pair with another warm tone paint if you want to play with color combinations. You’ll love this pure white paint for anywhere in the office, and it can bring some brightness that many offices lack.

5. Swimming

Swimming is a beautiful light blue with green undertones that will surely leave a positive impression on everyone who works in the office and those who visit. It’s one of the best office paint colors because it provides a calming and peaceful ambiance.

It’s perfect on all the office walls or as an accent color for a wall or two. Light colors like Salisbury Point will brighten up any commercial building. It’s better for interiors rather than exterior paint jobs.

6. Butterfield

Butterfield is among the best paint colors for commercial properties. As the name suggests, it’s a beautiful, buttery, pastel yellow color that can emphasize brand values or will simply look nice.

According to color psychology, yellows will evoke feelings of happiness, optimism, and other positive emotions. It looks great in artificial light but even better in offices that have plenty of natural light. You can pair it with neutral hues or complementary colors like violet or lavender.

7. Repose Gray

You can’t go wrong with this classic gray paint for an office or other commercial property. It’s even great for exterior signage! It’s a light gray that will help employees feel calmer and more focused throughout their workday.

It’s not overly bright enough to hurt people’s eyes when combined with artificial lighting and staring at a computer screen all day. Since gray is neutral, it doesn’t have a complementary color technically, but you can pair it with various colors to create a beautiful color scheme. We love it with dark hues.

8. Westhaven

Many brands offer emerald green paint, but regardless of the brand you choose, it’s a rich color that works well in office spaces. In color psychology, green tones are perfect for evoking balance, harmony, and growth, which all work well in an office setting.

A velvety green paint such as Westhaven is perfect as a large accent wall in the main office paired with wood furniture, neutral paint colors, and even red paint, which is its complementary color. While red paint isn’t very common in offices, it’s still an option, but we recommend something more neutral.

9. Awesome Violet

Awesome Violet is the perfect paint color for creative offices. Violet is a great color to promote creativity, spirituality, and other similar emotions. This vibrant color is rich without being overpowering.

It’s not necessarily the best color to use on all the walls in an office, but it will look great on a few accent walls throughout the office, especially if it promotes company values. We suggest painting it with grays and other neutral tones rather than other primary colors.

10. Plum Brown

Lastly, there’s Plum Brown. This is another popular Sherwin Williams paint. It’s a rich shade of brown that works well in all different types of offices. This deep earthy tone is associated with sophistication, so it works well in executive offices specifically.

It’s a classic paint color with undertones of purple that screams elegance. It’s a great business office paint color because it can look great with almost all furniture colors, and you can pair it with other neutral tones or deep earthy tones like emerald.

Final Thoughts

From blues to yellows to grays to browns, the options are abundant for commercial office painting. If you’re ready to bring your commercial office space to life, contact us to learn more about our painting services and schedule your office makeover. We bring the expertise and workmanship you deserve.